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In moments of crisis, every second counts. That is why we are excited to introduce SafeShel, our groundbreaking protective emergency support product. SafeShel is meticulously designed to ensure privacy and dignity during emergency situations for the individual and responders and from public viewing and video footage, regardless of the location or environment.



SafeShel is specifically designed to provide protection and dignity to individuals requiring urgent medical attention in any location. It’s design incorporates key features that shield both the casualty and responders from public view during critical and potentially fatal situations.



Weather Proof

This all-weather product is designed to be weather-resistant and durable, making it a suitable for any environment. It’s robust design ensures it remains versatile, reliable and resilient which can benefit the causality against hypothermia or heat in an external environment.

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With extensive experience in the Coast Guard and his professional career, Peter identified a crucial need for a product to enhance survival in emergencies, even in harsh conditions. Witnessing families’ anguish during crises, he was driven to create a solution that benefits both emergency agencies and individuals.

SafeShel provides a secure, weatherproof, and rapidly deployable solution for emergencies, ensuring privacy and dignity for individuals and responders. By shielding from public view and harsh elements, it allows for efficient medical care and reduces anxiety and distress in critical situations.

Product Innovation

Introducing our innovative protective product, designed for any emergency response support, even in cases of fatality situations. Weighing only 5.5kg, it is engineered for rapid deployment in any weather or location and offers three inflation methods: manual pump, battery-operated, and 60g CO2 canisters.

It’s unique floorless design eliminates the need to move casualties and self-stabilises. This design incorporates brake straps, allowing adaptation to any terrain without hindering emergency responders or paramedics attending to the casualty. With six strategically placed access points, responders can provide continuous medical attention with the utmost privacy and efficiency.

Essential accessories are neatly packed into a purpose-made rucksack, ensuring effortless portability over any external terrain or distance.

SafeShel Road Accidents
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Product Demonstration

Explore how our innovative shelter ensures dignity and privacy for casualties in any emergency. Whether dealing with road accidents, water sports incidents, industrial accidents, or outdoor activities, our shelter shields victims from onlookers and harsh elements, always protecting their dignity and privacy. This reduces anxiety and psychological distress for all especially the individual and allows emergency personnel to focus on providing efficient medical care.

As a person who suffered seizures up to 4 times a week during my teens, this product could have been a saviour! It would have changed my life and given me the privacy and maintained my modesty at my most vulnerable moments. SafeShel would have calmed my anxiety, which actually sometimes provoked my seizures, therefore possibly even lessened them for me. Most of all it would have given me back some sort of control when I felt I had none. I just hope this product gets the recognition it deserves to make it widely available for everyone to take just a fraction of the stress out of their lives.

As an Engineer in construction, I have unfortunately witnessed multiple accidents on site, after viewing SafeShel and its purpose I see great potential as in many cases these accidents become a viral video online which can deeply affect the individual involved as they are being exposed on camera in a vulnerable position. I also see a great benefit from this product in protecting injured persons from the weather conditions as these accidents often happen outdoors in this industry and medical response time can vary.

As a teacher, I truly appreciate the importance of SafeShel in a school setting. It’s crucial to preserve the child’s privacy and dignity during emergencies, especially while waiting for medical help. SafeShel’s emphasis on safeguarding individuals, including the school community and responders, while ensuring privacy, is a significant asset in upholding a safe and respectful environment during critical situations at school.

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